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Top 10 Budget Traveler Tips for Visiting San Francisco

Top 10 Budget Traveler Tips for Visiting San Francisco

When considering a visit to the San Francisco Bay Area, there's always a lot to learn, especially if your wallet is a little thin these days! Here are the top 10 budget tips for visiting San Francisco.


1. First, plan, plan, plan! There are so many wonderful attractions in San Francisco, from the Golden Gate Bridge and Golden Gate Park to the Zoo and Alcatraz.  Take the time to research your vacation and peruse through this San Francisco guide to discover where the places you want to go are located and how to link them all together during your time in the area. 

2. Save money flying! Compare flights and costs on websites such as Kayak.com and Expedia.com.

3. If you are renting a car, remember that  the vehicle only needs to get between the San Francisco events and attractions you came to enjoy. A smaller car will save money on daily rates and gas usage, and will be easier to maneuver and park. 

4. San Francisco hotel discounts are available in this San Francisco guide, as well as discounts and offers to the many San Francisco attractions. Check them out and be sure to book in advance to guarantee your rooms. 

5. Many of the area attractions will have exclusive deals in our guide, which can deliver substantial savings for your visit, especially if you are traveling with your family. 

6. Area restaurants offer coupons and discounts, so check for those opportunities when planning the meals out on your trip. Some winter months have special dine-about meals and prices.

7. Local ground transportation is available to many destinations, and a car rental may not be necessary based on your activity plans. Also, many attractions have available transportation from San Francisco Bay Area hotels. Check with your booked hotel or look in this guide and contact the attraction. 

8. Check out all the listings, articles and maps in this guide. Time spent now will save your precious vacation time. 

9. Whenever traveling between attractions in San Francisco, carry your own snacks and drinks. The extra money you save could be spent on a night out at a special San Francisco event or restaurant.

10. Finally, spend a little time each evening planning the activities of the next day. Have this guide handy to set your plans, but be sure to include an alternative agenda if you decide to be impulsive--there is so much to see in San Francisco!

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