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In this community space, the Zen Compound invests in technologies and business practices to drive the point home that this industry can be healthy and have a positive impact on the environment.

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  • The Shrine
  • The Shrine The Shrine Room is our showcase room and largest room in TEMPLE featuring a state of the art Martin Audio sound system. On this floor guests enjoy a minimal, modern lounge area with a rotating DJ booth.
  • Capacity Standing: 0 Seated: 0
  • Destiny Lounge
  • Destiny Lounge The Destiny Lounge is a sophisticated combination of luxury and technology. The décor is set with floor-to-ceiling white vinyl accented with low Italian leather couches.
  • Capacity Standing: 0 Seated: 0
  • Catacombs
  • Catacombs Venture to the ancient past in Temple's Catacombs, a seductive and secluded chamber located in the deepest recesses of the venue. With stone sculptures that line the walls, wooden carvings invite closer inspection.
  • Capacity Standing: 0 Seated: 0
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