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We have an ongoing need for high quality content about travel and having fun in California. Our territory extends from Big Sur to Sonoma, San Francisco to Lake Tahoe. Authors who get our attention by submitting multiple accepted articles and who are willing to learn how to use our online authoring system can get first chance at future assignments without competition and have the opportunity to make more money.


Napa Valley (Deadline is midnight, Pacific Time on March 18, 2012)

  • Food in Napa: Not a list of specific restaurants, but an overview of options for eating in Napa, wineries that offer food, picnics, etc. Could also include other food-related options such as olive oil tasting or gourmet markets.
  • Napa Valley Winery Tours: What to expect on a winery tour. Can include a few recommendations for specific tours that offer something special
  • Wine Tasting in Napa Valley: What it’s like, what to expect, how to enjoy it
  • Top Tips for Napa Tourists: Things people may not know, top misconceptions, how to avoid typical mistakes, bad traffic
  • Napa Valley With Kids: A round-up of family-friendly activities and wineries that are especially fun for the whole family
  • When to go to Napa Valley: By season, pros and cons
  • Where to Go in Napa Valley: An overview of the geography, description of towns and what each has to offer, to help the reader decide what area they’d enjoy most.
  • Where to Stay in Napa Valley: Not a list of hotel, motels, B&Bs or resorts, but instead targeted toward the advantages and disadvantages of staying in Napa vs. Calistoga, Yountville vs. St. Helena, etc.
  • Napa Valley in a Day: A friendly guide to how to get the most of out that one day in Napa Valley.


  • Length is 600 to 1,000 words, unless otherwise specified
  • Keep SEO in mind. The target phrase for each article is in bold above. Use up to 10 instance of that phrase in section headers and text, while avoiding sounding repetitive.
  • Send your draft submission as PDF document.
  • You can earn more if you supply accepted articles in HTML format. Allowable tags are <p>, <br>, <h2>, <h3>,<em> for italic, <strong> for bold, <sup>, <sub>, blockquote, hyperlinks, ordered and unordered lists. Do not specify font faces, sizes or colors – that’s done in our CSS.
  • Articles should be written for reading online, bright and tight and helpful, using best practices to slow down the reader’s eye and break up scanning.
  • You will get author’s credit with a brief bio and can embed a link to your personal website or blog in that bio.


  1. Check spelling, punctuation, grammar, and facts before you submit. We aren’t going to do that for you and articles with excessive errors will be rejected, no matter how good they are otherwise.
  2. We will respond to all submissions, whether they are accepted or not, within two weeks after the submission deadline.
  3. If your article is accepted, we will contact you to obtain the extras mentioned under payments. When those are delivered and the article is published, we will pay you via PayPal.
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